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HART Hunting Quality

What is BioLogic®titanium?
BioLogic®titanium belongs to a new category in scent-exterminating technologies – anti-bacterial defense. For the first time in hunting apparel BioLogic®titanium utilizes the environmentally clean Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) technology to create the most efficient solution for successful elimination of odour, viruses and bacteria.
BioLogic®titanium represents a TiO2 film layered on a fabric whose nano sized molecules (8~10Nm) create a semi-permanent almost invisible coating that protects from biological contamination and assists the decomposition of all kinds of microbes.

This multi functional fabric series combines Nylon and Polyester yarns coated with an innovative abrasion resistant and non-slip glue. It's one of the best protective materials for sport and outdoor garments. Its properties include excellent abrasion resistance, non-slip function, tearing resistance and cut-resistant function. Thanks to these qualities, it is a perfect thornproof defense.

       Beyond Vision® BIG GAME 
Beyond Vision® BIG GAME photo camouflage is the ultimate disguise for hunters in a wide variety of temperate zone environments. Designed with greatest attention to detail, Beyond Vision® BIG GAME incorporates oak and birch stems, limbs and leaves, pine scrapes and branches with cones and needless that provide cover in various wooded settings as well as in the open country. Thanks to the unequalled Beyond Vision® photo technology, this pattern is so alive, it seems you can touch the bark with your hand. Beyond Vision® BIG GAME blends an ideal combination of neutral earthly shades. The mossgreen, tan and grey touches make it easily adaptable to different outdoor scenarios the whole year round and highly effective for elk, deer, wild boar, roe-deer and other big game hunting.
  Beyond Vision® TUNDRA
Beyond Vision® TUNDRA utilizes the benefits of the innovative Beyond Vision® photo technology to create the utmost cover up for winter hunting. The pattern is exceptionally illuminated and spread out, prevailingly white but not pale, fractured by hazy gray-green and brownish earthtones. The play of light and shadows is so lively, you can see the snowclad branches gently wagging in the air. Beyond Vision® TUNDRA will cloak your maneuvers in secrecy in the hardwood or mixed forests, partially covered with snow bushes or rocks as well as in any snowy surroundings.
Beyond Vision® FIRE
Based on the genuine Beyond Vision® BIG GAME we created this amazing pattern that gives a flamy orange shelter while still keeping concealment excellence. Beyond Vision® FIRE is a mix of bright color and photo camouflage that is ideal for
hunting in hardwood forests. Taking advantage of the unique Beyond Vision® photo technology, it shows the position of
the hunter to humans, hiding him from the color-blind eyes at the same time. As distinguished from all its rivals Beyond
Vision® FIRE has a non-reflective background to prevent animals from spotting the reflection of UV light and so assures
artful approach and best stalking positions.
Hartware Concept 
Generally speaking, we are comfortable when we are neither shivering nor sweating. Heat is the main source of discomfort. We don´t loose or gain cold, we loose or gain heat. With Hartware concept we have targeted the following goal: to develop outdoor sport clothing and footwear equipment the best we can to control heat transfer and gain comfort in any level of activity. We have developed this label as our top Hart range to wear: Hartware. it is our natural Selection.
Cotton Diamond Line
Cotton Diamond Line (CDL) is a light and cool tough wearing cotton canvas fabric developed for warm weather shooting. PU coated to ensure a water repelent function and Teflon™ coated for strengthen fibres, the breathable cotton yarn is woven tight enough to fend off brush and insects yet light enough to remain cool. The material is usually prewashed at the factory, and then the entire cloth is re-washed to soften it.
CDL clothing is lightweight and durable, perfect for warm-weather walk-up hunts.


Osmotech Plus
Osmotech plus means one step beyond in the waterproofness and breathability of our HART garments. Made in PTFE, this membrane means high waterproofness (over 10000 mm) and breathability (10000 gr./m2). Either laminated to the outshell fabrics or used as a layer, Osmotech plus really improves the comfort of our functional clothing.

EDS (Ergonomic Design System)
EDS (Ergonomic Design System) concept has a target: to develop the most innovative and technically advanced hunting apparel with designs that improve Hart garments´ performance in terms of comfort. The human body is full of bones and muscles that show us how to develop our second skin, our clothing. Physical activity is one of the main issues in hunting. 
Therefore, our hunting apparel must always follow our anatomy looking for ergonomics in all our movements.
When we over heat, we perspire, regardless of what we are wearing. At some point, extreme heat, humidity, or heavy perspiration can overload the vapour transmission capacity of any
clothing, even a cotton T-shirt. When the system is overloaded, moisture accumulates inside and discomfort often results. Osmotech technology is a fabric mix that includes very breathable outwear plus high waterproof features. This system is less likely to overload and cause discomfort than less breathable, waterproof products.
Windtech products are outerwear or accessories with a weather protection layer function. They are made from air-permeable fabrics such as knit or fleece fabrics laminated to the Windtech membrane to make them windproof. Windtech fleece´s high versatility provides greater comfort over a broad range of temperatures and activity levels.
The Xtretch System products make the hard performance of Nylon/PVC coated fabrics match a greater freedom of movement and a closer fit. This stretch material creates a protective shell (100% waterproof + windproof + resistant) that fits like a second skin and moves in harmony with your body and clothing system. All garment seams under this technology are taped for reinforcement.
CE – PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (P.P.E. CAT II) – High-Visibility Safety Apparel.
All the clothing marked with this logo has been certified and registered as P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment) by a Notified Organisation. This certification confirms that the standards and legislation about PPE high-visibility safety apparels have been fulfilled. This standard has been certified in compliance with the PPE rules for the construction, production and maintenance of high-visibility safety apparel to improve hunters safety routinely exposed to the hazards of low daylight visibility while hunting.